Kaji Hideki "Lollipop"

Kaji Hideki has an 11th album out now! Said to have an 80's taste, it not only features guests such as Yoshié, Horie Hirohisa (pupa, Neil & Iraiza), Cornelius and Yoshida Jin (Salon Music), but the super catchy song "amai koibito" was recorded at Tambourine Studios with Eggstone. All over again!

Yet more guests such as Kojima Mayumi, who joins for a duet, and also Halfby and Kaseki Cider, surely make for an irresistible album.

HMV and Tower offer a bonus original CD-R while supplies last.

Audio samples at HMV

Kaji Hideki "Lollipop"
カジヒデキ 「Lollipop」

KAJI Hideki "Lollipop" カジヒデキ1. amai koibito
2. itoshi no Funny Girl
3. Kiss Kiss Kiss
4. Lollipop Candy
5. Angelic Symphony
6. Half Time
7. Rasberry Kiss
8. Heart wa hitotsu dake
9. Too Much Too Young
10. Holy Night
11. arigatō wa Maman no nukumori

Felicity PECF-1005
Out 10/22, ¥2667 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S.

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Do you know what the CD-R tracklisting? I pre-ordered this on yesasia already. Maybe I can switch it if it's worth it.

Posted by christian on

No idea until someone buys it. :) I'll post again if I find out, but your YesAsia pre-order should probably be shipping soon.

Posted by Patrick on

great cd!!
raspberry kiss it's so nice!!

Posted by Richar Granvorka on

The Tower Records CD-R contained a different version of "amai koibito" plus another song. The album is really great, right now I like "Angelic Symphony". :)

Posted by Patrick on

Can't wait to receive this album at home!! No idea it had so many colaborations!

And the cover's cute, too!

Posted by Damian on

Just got the new album today by mail... and I was wondering... the first track Amai Koibito, it says 'album mix', but I haven't seen any single available... where was this track first released?

Posted by Damian on

The other version is available on this single from the Detroit Metal City movie. I think the song is sung by the movie's character NEGISHI Soichi.

Detroit Metal City / NEGISHI Soichi "satsugai / amai koibito ~for the movie~"
Death Records DESU-0003
Out 8/6, ¥1223

Amazon: http://www.chipple.net/link/amazonjp/B001BSDF98/
HMV: http://www.chipple.net/link/hmvjp/DESU3
Tower: http://www.chipple.net/link/towerjp/EC5QMLL78

Posted by Patrick on

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