Ishikawa Shunosuke "Yuuchin" (Download)

Saxophonist Ishikawa Shunosuke has a new piece out now, written at the piano on a cold rainy day. Featured musicians are Takana Mitsuru on trumpet, Jacob Koller on piano, Pat Glynn on bass, Dennis Frehse on drums, and Shu on tenor sax. This comes from Nakatsuka Takeshi's Delicatessen Recordings digital label, and it's available on iTunes worldwide.

Ishikawa Shunosuke "Yuuchin"
石川周之介 「雨琴」

Delicatessen Recordings
Out now (11/19)
Sample/buy: Yuuchin - Single by Shunosuke Ishikawa (World), 石川周之介 "雨琴 - Single" (Japan)

Live performance

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