Every Little Thing/Konishi Yasuharu "Aquamarine no mama de ite" (7")

As released on CD earlier this year, here's a 7" cut of Konishi Yasuharu's take of drama "dakishimetai!"'s theme song. The A-side is the theme song as performed by Every Little Thing and produced by Konishi, while the B-side is an acoustic instrumental version that was used as BGM.

Audio samples at Jet Set.

Every Little Thing/Konishi Yasuharu "Aquamarine no mama de ite" (7")
Every Little Thing/小西康陽 「アクアマリンのままでいて」

A. Every Little Thing / Aquamarine no mama de ite
B. Konishi Yasuharu / Aquamarine no mama de ite -Drama yō-

Avex / Jet Set JS7S060
Out now (12/20), ¥1300 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon

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Hitomitoi version? Same song? Did Konishi/Pizzicato Five write this song?


Posted by Newmusicmark on

Hitomitoi's is a cover of the same song, originally performed by Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe. I'll write up the "Twilight Time" compilation soon, it contains the Hitomitoi cover!


Posted by Patrick on

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