Konishi Yasuharu/Pizzicato Five "'dakishimetai!' Music Collection"

P5 fans rejoice, here come some lost Pizzicato Five sounds!

Hit TV drama "dakishimetai!" was originally aired in 1988, and it's back this year as a special sequel marking its 25th anniversary. The original had music by Pizzicato Five —at the time Konishi Yasuharu, Takanami K-taro and Tajima Takao— that had yet to be released. That's not all, Konishi Yasuharu was asked to make the music for the sequel, and this CD contains both the new music and the rare tracks from the original. Theme song "Aquamarine no mama de ite" is also included in both its original version (performed by Carlos Toshiki & Omega Tribe) and a new Konishi-produced cover sung by Every Little Thing.

The one-time sequel "dakishimetai! Forever" stars several of the original actors, and will be aired on October 1st from 21:00 on Fuji TV.

Konishi Yasuharu/Pizzicato Five "'dakishimetai!' Music Collection"
小西康陽/ピチカート・ファイヴ 「フジテレビ系ドラマ『抱きしめたい!』ミュージックコレクション」

1. Aquamarine no mama de ite
2. Kawake Shunsaku Interview #1
3. setsunai kyoku 1
4. Kawake Shunsaku Interview #2
5. Romantic na kyoku
6. Kawake Shunsaku Interview #3
7. M-8 (2013 Retake)
8. Kawake Shunsaku Interview #4
9. setsunai kyoku 2
10. M-1
11. M-1 Slow
12. M-2
13. M-3
14. M-4
15. M-5
16. M-6
17. M-7
18. M-8
19. M-9
20. SP in Hawaii
21. Kawake Shunsaku Interview #5
22. Aquamarine no mama de ite (Drama yō)
23. Kawake Shunsaku Interview #6
24. Aquamarine no mama de ite

avex entertainment AVCA-62915
Out 9/27, ¥2858 (excl. tax)
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"dakishimetai! Forever" commercial

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Graet news! This has to be mine!

Isn't also a track called Dakishimetai in Konishi's Emperors Closert CD? It was by Inoue Mutsumi, released in 1992 with Tokyo's Coolest Sound...

it's all the same thing?

Posted by Damian on

I told you on FB, but just for the record. :)

The title is the same, but they're unrelated. The TV series was first. Btw the title translates to "I want to hold you".

Posted by Patrick on

Sorry, I asked here first but I was so excited and ended up asking on FB too! :P

Posted by Damian on

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