Cornelius "'Ghost In The Shell Arise' Official Soundtrack"

A few months back Cornelius made the music for theatrical anime "Ghost In The Shell Arise", and here's finally the soundtrack! This includes opening theme "Ghost In The Shell Arise", as well as ending themes "jibun ga inai" (salyu x salyu), and "soto wa senjo da yo" (Aoba Ichiko + Cornelius).

Cornelius "'Ghost In The Shell Arise' Official Soundtrack"
コーネリアス 「『攻殻機動隊ARISE』O.S.T.」

1. Opening Title
3. Surfin' on Mind Waves
4. Breaking Point
5. Instability Mobility
6. Highway Friendly
7. jibun ga inai
8. Confusion Diffusion
9. Self Running Landmine
10. Logicoma Beat
11. Mystic Past in the Mist
12. Encounter An Enemy
13. Motoko Action
14. ToughDAF
15. Solid Iced Air
16. soto wa senjō da yo
17. In The Shell
18. Star Cluster Collector
19. Ending Title

Flying Dog VTCL-60357
Out 11/27, ¥2858 (excl. tax)
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salyu x salyu "jibun ga inai"

salyu x salyu "jibun ga inai (studio ver.)"

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Have not caught the album, but did catch the first OVA. I wouldn't be surprised if it was screened a theater but afaik its part 1 of a 4 part prequel video series released one at a time. Definitely has a different touch than the previous Kenji Kawai (theatrical) or Yoko Kanno (series) scores

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