Bakubaku Dokin "guppy" (Download)

First released last December on Towa Tei's Mach Beat digital label (which unfortunately only sells within Japan so far), here comes a first song by Bakubaku Dokin on iTunes! The wacky 2-girl unit formed of Naoko and Yui is produced by DJ Fumiya of Rip Slyme, and you might indeed feel some O.T.F freshness as from Halcali's early days.

I had the chance to see Bakubaku Dokin on stage early last summer at this event. Other songs of theirs can be heard on their MySpace.

Bakubaku Dokin "guppy" (Download)
バクバクドキン 「guppy」

hug inc.
Out now (2/16), ¥150
Sample/buy: Guppy - guppy - Single

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