the hair "pop concerto for the weekender"

Catching up with the recent discography of Yoshida Tetsuto which has just been updated at Readymade.
Last November was released this new Hair album, band in which he does programming and arrangements. The previous album, "roma o mite kara, shine." was released in 2003 on Readymade International.

the hair "pop concerto for the weekender"
the hair 「ウィークエンダーのポップコンチェルト」

the hair "pop concerto for the weekender"1. getsuyōbi
2. Mod Only Knows
3. Face o nerae
4. La Discotique
5. Pop Star
6. There She Goes Again (& Again)
7. soshite Weekend futatabi
8. Weekend
9. Sunday
10. ōgon jidai

Modernity DLMD-2002
Out now (2006/11/22), ¥2667 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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