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  1. Yapani! "Salvia feat. P.O.P"
    Instrumental brass rock band Yapani! has a new digital single out now, featuring rapper twins P.O.P! This is available on iTunes worldwide. No live info for Yapani! at this time, but P.O.P have a one-man live featuring Nakatsuka Takeshi...
    Posted on August 2, 2015 at 13:42. | Released on August 2, 2015
  2. Yapani! "Yapani!Lab." (Download)
    This month from Nakatsuka Takeshi's digital label Delicatessen Lab are two original funky tunes by instrumental brass rock band Yapani!. This single has already made it to #1 on iTunes Japan's jazz chart! Yapani! can be caught live on October...
    Posted on October 3, 2012 at 20:27. | Released on October 3, 2012

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  1. Izumi Ookawara "Polka dot on the paper" (Download)
    Izumi Ookawara (Qypthone) has a debut song as a solo singer-songwriter out now on iTunes worldwide! Her band features guitarist Ishigaki Kentarō (also of Qypthone), saxophonist Ishikawa Shūnosuke, pianist Ōnishi Mami (Yapani!), drummer Suzuki Kaoru (RF), trumpeter Tanaka Mitsuru, percussionist...
    Posted on July 2, 2014 at 22:23. | Released on July 2, 2014

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