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  1. pal@pop "feat. PLUS"
    pal@pop (aka Takano Kenichi) has a new album out imminently, a collection of collaborations with various female singers. Featured are Halcali, Inagaki Saki (aka Sakura), Makino Yui, comedians Morisanchū and more. Note that the previously released Halcali track comes in...
    Posted on July 13, 2010 at 00:08

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  1. Various Artists "AKSB ~kore ga Akishibu-kei da!~"
    There's a relatively new genre called Akishibu-kei, a mix of Shibuya-kei and Akiba-kei (the latter referring to cosplay idols singing in high-pitched voices over electro-pop), which is getting acknowledged by this compilation of anime songs from Victor's discography. Featured producers...
    Posted on July 31, 2007 at 15:35

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