"saku saku Ver.1.0" (DVD)

Update (2005/3/17 17:26): Re-scheduled to 4/28!!
Update (2005/3/2 17:12): This release has been delayed (cancelled?). :(

"saku saku", the popular daily TV show (TVK Yokohama Monday-Friday 7:30) MC'd by Kimura Kaela and character Zigorow, is coming to DVD! The DVD will include not only the best from the show, but also 44 min. worth of bonus contents, for a total of 111 min.!

The limited edition has 3D changing picture artwork.

"saku saku Ver.1.0" (DVD)
111 min. / NTSC / Region 2 (Japan/Europe) / Standard size / Stereo

saku saku Ver.1.0Including:

From the TV show
- Best scenes
- Zigorow's original songs
- First episode featuring Kimura Kaela

DVD-only (44 min.)
- DVD bonus takes
- Amateur takes
- Zigorow audio commentary tracks
- "Easter eggs" (hidden bonus contents)
- Characters introduction (slide show)

Amuse Soft ASBY-2905
Out 4/28, ¥3980 (excl. tax) (tax incl.)
Order: Amazon (pre-orders 20% off)

(Thanks to Brad for reminding me!)

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Nooooooo! I was sooooo looking forward to this. Sigh. I hope it's just delayed, but it's ceased to exist on Amazon's site. That doesn't look good.

Posted by Brad on

In my quest to keep you informed of all things saku saku, this morning's episode flashed a blurb which said that the release date has been set for 4/28. Maybe this time it will actually come out.

Posted by Brad on

Yeah, I found out on Tower's site yesterday! :)

I missed it this morning because I couldn't wake up. Saku saku gives me a reason to wake up earlier than I had been for the past few years, which is a good thing, but sometimes I can't manage to wake up no matter what...

Posted by Patrick on

That's why you do like I do and schedule your HDD recorder to catch it and then watch it while you eat breakfast. Of course you can always catch the repeat at 12:05AM, if you can stay up that late.

Posted by Brad on

One more reason to buy a HDD recorder! :)

Actually I often go to bed around 12:30, but I'm trying to use the morning saku saku as a reason to go to bed and wake up early. So even if I'm up late enough to watch the rerun, I try not to, this way I keep my motivation to wake up early at least.
(Excuse my twisted logic!)

Posted by Patrick on

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