pal@pop feat. Inagaki Saki "hatsukoi" (Download)

pal@pop (aka producer Takano Kenichi) is known for having produced songs like Halcali's "Re: yasashii kimochi" and Chappie's "Welcoming Morning" as well as many others. He now has a new song available now on iTunes Japan, featuring Inagaki Saki (comedian name "Sakura").

The single contains 3 versions of the song "hatsukoi".

pal@pop feat. Inagaki Saki "hatsukoi" (Download)

1. hatsukoi ♥ ~ Pure na Saki-chan Version ~
2. hatsukoi ♥ ~ monomane na Saki-chan Version ~
3. hatsukoi ♥ ~ genki na Saki-chan Version ~

Out now (5/26), ¥600
Sample/buy: pal@pop - はつ恋? - EP

How to buy from iTunes Japan from overseas

Short version promo clip

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