novaFASE "Opportunities" (Download)

The song "Opportunities" from novaFASE's "Girls Lab Haus" album released from Orange Records has being reworked into a 2012 new mix edition. Also, "Milk Crown Music", used on the same album as a short interlude, is being made available in its full-length version for the first time. A new house remix by st.classics completes this digital EP release from Flawless World's on-going remastered re-issue series.

novaFASE is the club/pop music unit of sound producer Tanaka Tomonao (lately better known as Tremorela) and Groove Unchant.

Also don't miss two bonus Tremorela new remixes (of novaFASE and Misswonda) now available for free download on Soundcloud!

novaFASE "Opportunities" (Download)

1. Opportunities (2012NewMixEDITION)
2. Milk Crown Music (2012ExtendedNewMixEDITION)
3. Opportunities (st.classics REMIX)

Flawless World FWRD-004
Out now (8/1), ¥450
Sample/buy: Opportunities (2012 New Mix Edition) - Opportunities - Single (World), Opportunities (2012NewMixEDITION) - Opportunities - Single (Japan), Amazon (Japan), Amazon U.S. (U.S.)

Sampler clip

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