marino "watashi wa kouchayasan"

marino has a new 3rd album coming this month! This follows "Bathtub de chōshoku o" released in 2012. Recorded with a real band, the musical-like new album takes its theme from her own tea store which she has been running for several years creating her own blends. The album title even translates to "I run a tea store".

A release event will be held on October 14 at Harajuku Strobe Café from 13:00. Find details here.

marino "watashi wa kōchayasan"
marino 「私は紅茶屋さん」

1. watashi wa kōchayasan
2. ame ni odoreba
3. yaneura no ensōkai
4. maho no kotobatachi
5. Cotton
6. Happy Birthday
7. One For Me, One For Pot

Castleton Music
Out 9/29, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

"watashi wa kōchayasan"

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