marino "lollipop+"

Indies techno-pop singer marino's first mini-album "lollipop" (2006) is being re-issued because it sold out and has gone rare since. The new release includes all 5 original songs produced by Nakata Yasutaka (capsule) and Hayashibe Tomonori (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box), plus new recordings produced by Imai Kentarō (Aprils) and Okuda Hidetaka (Sucrette). This includes a cover of the Aprils' "Pan·da" in a more upbeat version that matches the other tracks.

All has been remastered, tracks order changed, jacket redesigned all over, in order to offer this new package that should please both new fans and those who already own the original.

marino "lollipop+"

1. clear beats
2. Flavor (produced by Nakata Yasutaka)
3. tic tac (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
4. strawberry (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
5. rarariru (produced by Nakata Yasutaka)
6. lollipop (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
7. Pot marjoram
8. Pan·da (produced by Imai Kentarō)
9. tento mushi to Tulip

Flavor FLVR-3
Out 4/22, ¥1905 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Marino - lollopop+

This was actually planned for release a year ago, however there were some problems and the release was postponed. Below are the details of the release originally planned for April 2008.

1. Flavor (produced by Nakata Yasutaka)
2. tic tac (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
3. rarariru (produced by Nakata Yasutaka)
4. strawberry (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
5. Pan·da (produced by Imai Kentarō)
6. lollipop (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)

Softly! SFTL-1028
Out 2008/4/23 canceled!

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