m-flo "Dope Space Nine"

m-flo has an upcoming remix and reproduction album of their recent "Beat Space Nine", featuring Japanese and overseas remixers.

m-flo "Dope Space Nine"

m-flo "Dope Space Nine"1. One Day / Loves Katō Miriya (Remixed By Kreva)
2. So Exclusive / Loves Sowelu (Remixed By Clazziquai Project)
3. Dopeman? / Loves Emyli & Diggy-Mo' (Remixed By Maboroshi)
4. Float'n Flow / Loves Rie Fu (Remixed By DJ Marky)
5. Tripod Baby / Loves Lisa (Remixed By Osawa Shinichi (Mondo Grosso))
6. The Other Side Of Love / Loves Emyli (Remixed By Cubismo Grafico)
7. Loop In My Heart / Loves Emyli & Yoshika (Remixed By Home Grown)
8. To Your Beat / Loves Yoshika (Remixed By DJ Mitsu The Beats (Gagle/Jazzy Sport))
9. Let Go / Loves Yoshika (Remixed By Reggae Disco Rockers)
10. Taste Your Stuff / Loves Bennie K (Remixed By Kevin Blechdom)
11. Cozmo-Naughty / Loves Kahimi Karie (Remixed By Sugiurumn)
12. I'm Da 1 <Tongari Nipopo no Kimchi joseyo Mix> / Loves Whee Sung (Remixed By Tongari Nipopo)
13. A.D.D.P. / Loves Monday Michiru (Remixed By Magdarise (Tokunaga Maar+Masaki))
14. Hey! / Loves Wada Akiko (Remixed By CKB-Annex)

Rhythm Zone RZCD-45278
Out 11/2, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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