kuchiroro "Golden Love"

kuchiroro's new album will feature a guest appearance by Halcali! Also being that they're now released on the Sakamoto Ryūichi's label commmons, it might be time for me to check them out.

kuchiroro "Golden Love"
口ロロ 「Golden Love」

kuchiroro "Golden Love" 口ロロ 「Golden Love」1. Golden Love
2. Golden King
3. Cosmic Dance feat. Halcali □□□(クチロロ) - GOLDEN LOVE - COSMIC DANCE featuring HALCALI
4. manatsu no Last Tune
5. natsukusa
6. obake jigen By Obk
7. Inner Light
8. Submarine no sei
9. Science Of Working People
10. Starflight -Planetarium Version-
11. Ningujounu
12. Golden Week

commmons RZCM-45625
Out 8/22, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S., □□□(クチロロ) - GOLDEN LOVE

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