"komadori eiga: komaneko" (DVD)

The Komaneko 1-hour stop-animation film, that was shown in theaters starting in December 2006, will finally be released on DVD!

komatori eiga: komanekoThere will be a pre-order-only limited edition with the following extras:
- a box just like Komaneko's picnic box in the movie, this box opens into two different scenes from the movie!
- Komaneko stuffed doll;
- three smaller stuffed character key-chains;
- a sticker sheet;
- 7 photo cards.

こま撮りえいが: こまねこ

Official release page

"komadori eiga: komaneko" (DVD)
「こま撮りえいが: こまねこ」
(60 min. + bonus 40 min., color, Japanese 5.1 ch., 4:3, probably region 2)

Main feature chapters (60 min.) (unofficial translations)
1. hajime no ippo (The first step)
2. Camera no renshū (Camera practice)
3. koma to rajibo- (Koma and Rajibo)
4. Rajibo no tatakai (Rajibo's battle)
5. hontō no tomodachi (Real friends)
(1, 3 and 5 are 3D stop-animation, 2 and 4 are 2D stop-animation)

Bonus features (40 min.)
- Komaneko ga dekiru made ~Making~ (Until Komaneko was done ~Making of ...~)
- Staff interviews
- Komaneko new shots (stills)

Director Gōda Tsuneo and animator Minegishi Hirokazu commentary

Limited edition box
Geneon GNBD-1165
Out 7/25, ¥7980 (tax incl.)
Pre-order only (until 5/15!!! then it's over): Amazon (25% off!), HMV (25% off!), Tower, YesAsia

Regular edition (DVD only)
Geneon GNBD-1164
Out 7/25, ¥3800 (excl. tax) (tax incl.)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon (25% off *), HMV (25% off *)
* Discount at time of writing

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i was wondeing how to get this dvd, i am in australia

Posted by claire on

You should be able to pre-order from Amazon Japan or HMV Japan, using the links provided above. Both ship internationally and offer a 25% rebate.
In Amazon, click "Display in English" found on the right side. In HMV, click "English" at the very bottom.

Good luck!

Posted by Patrick on

does it have eng subtitles for the DVD especially the making?

Posted by yixin on

I'm afraid there are no English subtitles whatsoever, but the main feature has no dialog.

Posted by Patrick on

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