frenesi "Cupra"

Cute voiced indies singer-songwriter and pianist frenesi (once active as bluenö) has an album out just now! Several samples can be heard at her MySpace.

A short video has been made for one of the songs, with a story of it having been selected as the theme song for the rebroadcast of an early 80's cult anime series. The rebroadcast was canceled and we're left with just the opening sequence. The story is all imaginary, but the video is just lovely, see below! The video was made by The Aprils' VJ Nakama Norihisa.

frenesi "Cupra"
フレネシ 「キュプラ」

1. Acetate
2. nero
3. kasō kako
4. fukumen chōsain
5. Sky Bus Tokyo
6. Sprawl
7. Lowits Arc
8. watashi no Yes Man
9. suna to garasu
10. Marginal
11. Savarin
12. Cupra
13. chōrinkairyūtai

otome ongaku kenkyūsha OTMSH-001
Out now (6/3), ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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