dorlis "Swingin' Party 2 ~wakuwaku♪Jive×Jazz×Jam~"

dorlis has a 3-track EP coming soon featuring three songs previously released for download.

"Mens Killer ☆ Sisters" features Ōnishi Yukari and is produced by Sunaga Tatsuo, "wakuwaku nukegake daisakusen" features SOFFet, and "Love ◎〇△▲ Derby" features Nomiya Maki, accordionist coba, and Nakata Yoshitaka (capsule)!

dorlis "Swingin' Party 2 ~wakuwaku♪Jive×Jazz×Jam~"dorlis "Swingin' Party 2 ~wakuwaku♪Jive×Jazz×Jam~"
dorlis 「Swingin' Party 2 ~ワクワク♪Jive×Jazz×Jam~」

1. wakuwaku nukegake daisakusen
2. Love ◎〇△▲ Derby
3. Mens Killer ☆ Sisters

Supanippa/Victor VICL-36239
Out 4/18, ¥1143 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S., dorlis × SOFFet - Swingin' Party 2 ~ワクワク♪Jive×Jazz×Jam~ - EP

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