bice "kanaerarenai koi no tame ni"

It has been 6 years since singer-songwriter bice's previous album, "let love be your destiny" (2002). Now she's back with a new album to be release on Konishi Yasuharu's columbia*readymade label. Make no mistake though, all songs were written (music/lyrics) and arranged by herself. The song "lily on the hill" was included on the recent label compilation "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba."

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bice "kanaerarenai koi no tame ni"
ビーチェ 「かなえられない恋のために」

bice "kanaerarenai koi no tame ni" ビーチェ 「かなえられない恋のために」1. Red Balloon
2. lily on the hill
3. 100nengo ni wa futari wa inai
4. in lovers time
5. teisen shimashō
6. Splash
7. ordinary days
8. taiyō ga umarekawaru koro
9. heaven
10. tada koishikute aitai nante ne
11. cine love

columbia*readymade COCP-35070
Out 7/23, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, bice - かなえられない恋のために

An early track list included these song titles, which were probably retitled to something else.
akippoi Do Re Mi
Smokin Rabbit

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I'm afraid that bice's previous album is not "Nectar" (2001), but "Let love be your destiny" (2002)". I would highly recommend the latter one if it is still available.

Another trivia I can add to is that "Lily on the hill" on the new album is based on this TV ad in which music was written, played and narrated by herself.

Posted by Felicitas on


> I'm afraid that bice's previous album is not "Nectar" (2001)

Oops, I fixed that! Thanks!

You're right about "Lily on the hill". As you probably already know, the song is also already available on the columbia*readymade compilation "uta to Guitar. Piano. kotoba." Great song!
I hadn't seen that commercial though, thanks!

Posted by Patrick on

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