atarashii chizu "72"

atarashii chizu is the new group formed of 3 ex-SMAP members: Inagaki Gorō, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Katori Shingo. "72" is the theme song of a 72-hour online TV show they held last November, and it was written and produced by Konishi Yasuharu. It is now available for download on iTunes Japan, Amazon MP3 Japan, etc.

The song features guitar by Kubota Haruo, programming by Fukutomi Yukihiro and chorus by Nishidera Gota (Nona Reeves) and Odawara "Ody" Tomohiro. The lyrics have been published here.

atarashii chizu "72"
新しい地図 「72」

atarashii chizu
Out now (12/24)
Sample/buy: 新しい地図 (Japan), Amazon MP3 Japan

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