arcorhyme live and workshop vol.2

arcorhyme (MySpace), the unit of Takanami K-tarō and Nishimura Ikuyo, will do a 2nd and last (of the series) workshop event at café Go Slow located inside the Ikejiri Institute of Design.

The event of course includes a live show, but also K-taro will speak of his songwriting process, and tell some secrets about his songs. Performed will also be K-taro solo work(s) and early song(s) he wrote for Pizzicato Five. He said that this event might be the last time he plays Pizzicato Five..! Not to be missed!

There are only 40 seats so it's smart to reserve early.

arcorhyme live and workshopTakanami K-tarō teki sakkyoku kōza vol.2
arcorhyme live and workshop

on 6/7
at Go Slow
Ikejiri Institute of Design (Setagaya monozukuri gakkō) room #107
2-4-5 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku

Starts at 19:00
Price: ¥2000 (+ 1 drink), reserve by email

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K-Taro playing P5 early songs and some of his solo works... I'd definitely pay whatever to see that... you lucky guys in Tokyo...

Posted by Damian on

Yes I do feel very lucky. :) At least I'll try to report as usual, for those who can't make it!

Posted by Patrick on

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