akiko "Hit Parade -London Nite Tribute-"

Jazz singer akiko has a rocking new album coming up, paying tribute to Japan's first rock DJ event "London Nite". Featured producers include Konishi Yasuharu, Sunaga Tatsuo (sunaga t experience), Matsuda "Chabe" Gakuji (Cubismo Grafico) and more.

Konishi Yasuharu's tracks are covers of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and Sheena & The Rokkets' "You May Dream". Sunaga Tatsuo does "(Do) The Hucklebuck", and more.

akiko "Hit Parade -London Nite Tribute-"
akiko 「HIT PARADE -LONDON NITE トリビュート-」

1. You Really Got Me
2. Break-a-way
3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
4. Sugar Baby Love
5. Video Killed The Radio Star
6. Perfect
7. Goody Two Shoes
8. (Do) The Hucklebuck
9. 99 Luftballons
10. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
11. Wake Up Boo!
12. You May Dream

Verve UCCJ-2076
Out 6/24, ¥2858 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S., akiko - HIT PARADE -LONDON NITEトリビュート-

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