Zin-say! "Zin-say! Nagomu Collection"

I was really waiting for this one! Part of legendary indies label Nagomu's re-issue series, Zin-say!'s turn has finally come! Zin-say! was a pre-Denki Groove unit featuring Ishino Takkyū, Pierre Taki and friends. The concept involved simple new wave melodies, very silly, often repetitive lyrics, as well as costumes and make-up and ridiculous dances.
The release, selected by Ishino Takkyū et al., will contain remasters of Zin-say!'s greatest hits, as well as maybe some previously unreleased tracks. Stay tuned!

If you're a Zin-say! or Nagomu fan, you know this is an essential. Denki Groove fans who aren't afraid to jump into the past should also definitely check this out.

Zin-say! "Zin-say! Nagomu Collection"
人生 「人生 ナゴムコレクション」

Zin-say! "Zin-say! Nagomu Collection"1. Zin-say no Theme
2. karankoron no uta
3. maboroshi no Homerun oo
4. All Night Long
5. bakattsura Funk
6. otoko no naka no otoko
7. All Night Long (oyasumi Version)
8. Venezuela no akai hoshi
9. maboroshi no Homerun oo ~ horukanaru furusato
10. sekai ano mise kono mise
11. kyo_fu Chameleon ningen
12. Kiss×3
13. Punks Not Dead (satsujin)
14. osabishi yama
15. P-two (ikasuze kanojo)
16. ebi nage High Jump
17. sabaku
18. oyaji no shi
19. ore no karada no kinniku wa dore o totte mo kikai daze
20. Ruhmba De Obaba
21. ore ga tatami da! tonosama da!
22. itae yo
23. warumono sanka
24. We Are The Meidaimae (Live)
25. ebi nage High Jump (Live)
26. iya, yamete yo
27. ai o komete motto motto
+ secret track "ai o komete motto motto" (sonosheet version)

Nagomu DDCH-2513
Out 3/23, ¥2600 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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Thanks for the Zin-say video clip. Makes Denki Groove seem low-key!

Posted by Michael on

For those who want to have a glimpse of Zin-say! live, check out this crazy clip on YouTube!

Posted by Patrick on

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