"'Zen and Bones' Original Soundtrack"

"Zen and Bones" is a documentary film directed by Nakamura Takayuki ("Yokohama Mary") about Japanese-American Buddhist priest Henry Mittwer. This soundtrack features music by many artists including Nomiya Maki, Comoesta Yaegashi, Yokoyama Ken (Crazy Ken Band), Kishino You-ichi (La veuve moustachue), Tablet Jun and more.

The movie is currently being shown in Tokyo and Yokohama, with more to come soon. Check the official site for details.

"'Zen and Bones' Original Soundtrack"
「映画 『禅と骨』 オリジナル・サウンドトラック」

1. Redshoes Rapsody / Nakamura Yusuke × Eddie Ban
2. The woman with redshoes / Nakamura Yusuke × Eddit Ban
3. akai kutsu / Kishino You-ichi × Okamura Midori × Tablet Jun
4. Kyoto bojō / Kishino You-ichi × Shigemori Kōhei × Nomiya Maki
5. Henry no Theme ver.1 / Ōnishi Junko
6. Henry no Theme ver.2 take 1 / Ōnishi Junko
7. Henry no Theme ver.2 take 2 / Ōnishi Junko
8. Sachiko no Theme / Ōnishi Junko
9. Memoir of Mother / Terasawa Shingo
10. 8mm film / Terasawa Shingo
11. hone made ai shite / Comoesta Yaegashi × Yokoyama Ken

P-Vine PCD-18825
Out 9/20, ¥2038 (excl. tax)
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