Yoshimura Tomoki no hitori VOW! ~machigaisagashi~

A few members of Modern Choki Chokies have been running a Web site called "nikkan mimikaki" (or "Daily mimikaki") for a few months, packed with diaries and BBS', and led by writer Yoshimura Tomoki, who's also a regular on [apparently] wacky TV show "muimi-ryōhin" (I haven't had the chance to watch it since I don't have cable).

Since the start of the new Web site, they have been hyping about an event to be held on 10/16 in Shinjuku without giving more details, and they have finally announced what it will be about.
I was wishing it would be a Modern Choki Chokies live event, but that was too much to hope for. It will rather be a stand-up comedy "talk live".
Still, I may try to check this out because I really want to see Philip-kun (the funny guy in Modern Choki Chokies), and also Isoda Osamu and Hasebe Novko.

Yoshimura Tomoki no hitori VOW! ~machigaisagashi~
吉村智樹のひといVOW! ~街がいさがし~

Yoshimura Tomoki
Philip-kun (ex-Modern Choki Chokies)
Isoda Osamu (ex-Modern Choki Chokies)
Hasebe Novko (ex-Modern Choki Chokies)
and more...

Date: 10/16
Place: Shinjuku Loft/Plus One (map)
Opens at 18:30, starts at 19:30
Price: ¥1000

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