Yellow Magic Orchestra "YMO Remixes 99-00 The Best"

A compilation of the best YMO remixes will be released soon, including two remixes said to be on CD for the first time (Konishi Yasuharu and Denki Groove's).

Orders at Tower Records may include a limited edition bonus 12" containing remix material for one YMO song (while supplies last)!

Yellow Magic Orchestra "YMO Remixes 99-00 The Best"

Yellow Magic Orchestra "YMO Remixes 99-00 The Best"1. Behind the Mask (FPM's Sweet Soul Bossa Nova) (Fantastic Plastic Machine)
2. Technopolis (The Readymade-Darlin' of Discotheque Track) (Konishi Yasuharu)
3. Cosmic Surfin' (Yamatsuka Eye (from Boredoms))
4. Insomnia (Dry & Heavy)
5. Firecracker (Extra Track) (Malawi Rocks (Emma & Kawauchi Tarō for N.M.W)
6. Tighten Up (Ken Ishii)
7. Absolute Ego Dance (Denki's Eisa-Rmx) (Denki Groove)
8. La femme chinoise (Groove That Soul Mix) (GTS)
9. Rydeen (SRATM (Tei Towa) Remix)

Victor VICL-61599
Out 3/24, ¥2400 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, Amazon U.S.

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Yes, I think the Konishi was a 12" and the Denki Groove was one of several teaser tracks on the double LP.

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