Yann Tomita "Yann Tomita's 'Summer Workshop'" (2 DVDs+Book)

Yann TOMITA Yann Tomita's 'Summer Workshop' (DVD) ヤン富田 Yann Tomita's 'Summer Workshop'Yann Tomita brings us this set of 2 DVDs mainly consisting of a live show and lecture held on July 9, 2006 at small venue Shibuya Uplink. Featured are Ohno Yumiko (Buffalo Daughter, Doopees), Kahimi Karie, and Takagi Kan. As bonuses are included short movies by Yann, a rare 1987 live performance, and a 2006 steel pan live performance.

A 102-page book and 36x25cm poster are also included.

Yann Tomita "Yann Tomita's 'Summer Workshop'" (2 DVDs+Book)
ヤン富田 "Yann Tomita's 'Summer Workshop'"
(DVDs Region 2 NTSC / Total 146 min.)

CCRE Music CCRM-6019
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