Yann Tomita "Music Meme 4 Variations" (CD+DVD)

Where "Doopee Time 2" went I don't know, but Yann Tomita is back again with a new release of his "Music Meme" series started in 2006. This time we get package a CD of a collection of Yann Tomita works (mostly previously released, but 3 new tracks are included), plus a DVD of a show that was held at the Myōhonji temple in Kamakura in May 2006.

Yann Tomita "Music Meme 4 Variations" (CD+DVD)
ヤン富田 「Music Meme 4 Variations・変奏曲」
(Working title "Music Meme 4 C-Ya Track")

Yann TOMITA "Music Meme 4 Variations"CD "Variations/hensōkyoku"
1. Yann Tomita / Prelude for Variations (New song)
2. Koizumi Kyōko / Moon Light
3. Yamamoto Linda / Smoke gets in your eyes
4. Yann Tomita / C-Ya!
5. Kahimi Karie / I'm in the rain
6. Cymbals / Glide (Yann Tomita Mix)
7. Naives / Forever Young
8. Doopees / C-Ya! C-Ya! (New song)
9. Yann Tomita / C-Ya! ~ Memories of Tape Recorder
10. Dr.Yann / See Ya!#1 (Previously unreleased)
11. Yann Tomita / Forever Yann

Book "Music Meme 4"
- Yann Tomita "hensō ni tsuite" ("About variations")
- "aru hi no Caroline to Suzy" ("One day's Caroline and Suzy")
Interviews with Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Sunaga Tatsuo (Sunaga t Experience), Ohno Yumiko (Buffalo Daughter), Suzy Kim and more.
112 pages.

DVD "Music of Hippie Dippie Drone Science by Yann Tomita"
1. Electric Buddha
2. Forever Yann
3. Forever Young
Performed by Audio Science Raga Ensemble (Yann Tomita + Doopees & Naives)
Plus photo album.

CCRE Music CCRM-6014
Out 2008/2/6 4/3 4/23, ¥3990
Order: Amazon (15% off on pre-orders), HMV, Tower

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