Yann Tomita "Forever Yann Music Meme 2"

It's Doopee Time!

Yann Tomita is back!... and he's not alone but with the mysterious Caroline Novac of the Doopees! This new EP contains music by 4 different names all of which involve himself. Aside from the Doopees, there's a new unit called Naives together with Itō Seikō and Takagi Kan, and two other units that seem to be Yann's monikers.
This release is accompanied by a book ("Forever Yann Music Meme 1") sold separately.

More releases of this series are expected for the two months following this release, climaxing in July with —I hope you're well seated— a 2nd Doopees album (after over 10 years!)!

Yann TOMITA "Forever Yann Music Meme 2"Yann Tomita "Forever Yann Music Meme 2"
ヤン富田 「フォーエバー・ヤン ミュージック・ミーム2」

1. Doopees "daijo-bu"
2. Naives "Forever Young"
3. Forever Yann "Forever Yann"
4. de yanns "sou de yanns"

Audio Science Laboratory/bounce/NMNL ASL-RS0001
Out 5/25, ¥1239 (excl. tax)
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