YMCK "Family Racing"

Finally! A second album from YMCK is coming before the end of the year!
The album features 8 new songs, one featuring Japan's Famicom hero Takahashi Meijin.

There will be two editions, one of the CD only, and a limited edition containing an original YMCK dot's for only ¥500 more (dot's usually sells for about ¥900).
Be careful though, when buying the regular edition (not the limited edition) from specific stores, including Tower Records' online shop, you will get a bonus remix CD (details below) and stickers. These extras are not available with the dot's limited edition!

Family Racing mini-site

YMCK "Family Racing"

YMCK "Family Racing"YMCK original dot's1. Family Racing
2. Panic Racer 005
3. Go! YMCK, Go!
4. Come On! Swing All Stars
5. Rock 'n' Roll Rendez-vous (feat. Takahashi Meijin)
6. sakana wa mabataki
7. Milky Blue ~fushigi no kuni no Riddle~
8. kira*kira

Limited edition with original YMCK dot's
Usagi-chang USG-011
Out 12/21, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

Regular edition
Usagi-chang USG-012
Out 12/21, ¥1905 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

YMCK "Family Racing Bonus CD"

1. Family Racing (Acoustic Version) (Performances by Yokemura (Piano) and Shima (Trumpet))
2. Panic Racer 005 (Excite Bicycle Mix - Revolution) (Remixed by Aprils)
3. Milky Blue ~fushigi no kuni no Riddle~ (Magnaroid Mix) (Remixed by Magnaroid)
4. John Coltrane wa kaiten mokuba no yume o miru ka (Electone Mix) (Remixed by Far East Recording)
5. kira*kira (aki's kira kira mix) (Remixed by Usagi-changs)

Usagi-chang USGB-006
Free when buying the album's regular edition at Tower Records (online included), Village Vanguard or Usagi-chang's mail order (Japan only), this bonus remix CD and also stickers will be included (while supplies last).

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Can "8 new songs" really be considered an album?

Posted by jariten on

At least it used to be.

Anyway, Usagi-chang calls it a "mini-album", but YMCK's home page says "album". You can call it an EP if you like. :)

Posted by Patrick on

Interesting little review online of this 'mini-album'/'album' on the Japan Times website.

Posted by Spencer on

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