Various Artists "incense"

Finally, Osaka label Orange Records brings us a new compilation! This is the label's 2nd CD compilation, following the excellent "Variété" (2002).

Featured are 19 artists, including new recordings by Misswonda (Saint Classics is a new moniker of Suzuki Akira (Sonic Coaster Pop, Usagi-chang Records)), Groove Unchant with Urbangarde's Hamasaki Yōko, and of course all of the label's current artists. A few covers are also thrown in such as Royksopp's "Eple", Koike Tamao's "Yellow Magic Carnival" and Flipper's Guitar's "Slide".

A limited number comes in a special lace packaging by brand Sakula Closet. Jet Set also offers exclusively a bonus mix CD-R by Tanaka Tomonao (Orange Records boss) while supplies last.

Audio samples at Jet Set

Various Artists "incense"

Various Artists "incense"1. Luxembourg kōen / Les nuages de crepuscule
2. Saint Classics feat. Misswonda / floating in an imperfect world (Re-edit)
3. mon murmure meets Bid / Bid loves teenage witch
4. One Four One / All Four One
5. Hiroshi & Eve / Call Me
6. Cream Cheese of Son / Summer of Son
7. Argyle / Yellow Magic Carnival
8. Orientaro / Orientaro No.1
9. Yabemilk / Windchime
10. Groove Unchant feat. yōko hamasaki (urbangarde) / kagami no naka no 10gatsu
11. Klapp&Memild feat. Yuri (Argyle) / ame
12. Toshiyuki Yasuda / alcoolico
13. Funnyboy / Eple
14. Metonmilk / A Peaceful End Of The Day
15. Noriko Okazaki / Slide
16. D.O.K.I / Waltz For Debby
17. tempo fresco / Valsa de Amor
18. Morry Taylor / 43
19. momorange / kajitsu no sasayaki

Orange Records ORGR-032
Out now (9/24), ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV

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