Various Artists "Women's Liberation"

This is an album of covers of Japanese songs from the 60's to the early 70's, here sung with translated English lyrics! Both the originals and the covers were performed by Japanese women, completing the theme of this compilation. Vocalists include Nomiya Maki, Toki Asako, Chara and more. All music is arranged by guitarist and producer Toriyama Yūji, and this is the first release on his new label Super Paw.

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Various Artists "Women's Liberation"

1. Overture -Melody For A New Dawn- (Original: "yoake no Scat" by Yuki Saori (1969)) / Mika Beyond Jazz
2. Love Vacances (Original: "koi no Vacance" by The Peanuts (1963)) / Toki Asako & Mika Beyond Jazz
3. The Music Played (Original: "wakare no asa" by Pedro & Capricious (1971)) / Keiko Lee
4. The Lord's Love (Original: "anata" by Kosaka Akiko (1973)) / Chara
5. Blue Light Yokohama (Original by Ishida Ayumi (1968)) / Nomiya Maki
6. One Summer It Happened (Original: "manatsu no dekigoto" by Hirayama Miki (1971)) / Fried Pride
7. Melody For A New Dawn (Original: "yoake no Scat" by Yuki Saori (1969)) / Mika Beyond Jazz
8. Four Wishes (Original: "yottsu no onegai" by Mayuzumi Jun (1968)) / Toki Asako
9. The Night Flight (Original: "yakan hikō" by Chiaki Naomi (1973)) / Mika Beyond Jazz
10. Love And The Wind (Original: "Ken to Mary ~ai to kaze no yō ni~" by Buzz (1972)) / Keiko Lee
11. Letter (Original: "tegami" by Yuki Saori (1970)) / Mika Beyond Jazz
12. One Sided Love (Original: "kataomoi" by Nakao Mie (1971)) / Chara
13. A Doll's House (Original: "ningyō no ie" by Hirota Mieko (1969)) / Nomiya Maki

Super Paw / Hats HUCD-10174
Out now (1/7), ¥3000 (excl. tax)
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