Various Artists "Tribute to Sheryl Crow"

There's a Japanese tribute to Sheryl Crow featuring at least a few interesting artists: Shinohara Tomoe (produced by Kagami), Toki Asako (Cymbals), Suzuki Momoko (ex-Cosa Nostra), ... Worth a check!

Audio samples can be heard at HMV and Tower Records

Various Artists "Tribute to Sheryl Crow"
オムニバス 「トリビュート・トゥ・シェリル・クロウ」

Various Artists "Tribute to Sheryl Crow"(Title / Artist)
1. Everyday Is A Winding Road / Ganaha Mina
2. Soak Up The Sun / Shinohara Tomoe
3. All I Wanna Do / sosui
4. Diamond Road / Kushibiki Sayaka
5. If It Makes You Happy / I-lulu
6. My Favorite Mistake / Tachibana Izumi
7. Strong Enough / Katō Izumi
8. C'mon C'mon / Neo
9. Love Is A Good Thing / Suzuki Momoko
10. The First Cut Is The Deepest / Toki Asako
11. Home / Toriyama Masaki GYCL-10019
Out 12/20, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV

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