Various Artists "Sweets Wonderland / es koyama with friends"

This concept album is a collaboration of pastry shop es koyama (located in Hyōgo prefecture) with several artists who created new songs inspired by the shop's various cakes and sweet treats. Included are new songs by Nakatsuka Takeshi, Nanba Shiho, Mizuno Mari (paris match) and more.

Various Artists "Sweets Wonderland / es koyama with friends"

(Title / Artist)
1. Tree / Sumire & Matsumoro Toshiaki (inspired by "omoide no okina ki ~Koyama-ryu baumkuchen~")
2. Starry / THE CHARM PARK (inspired by "Framboisier")
3. taiyō no Shower / Nakatsuka Takeshi (inspired by "kamadashi blueberry pie")
4. sanbyōshi no Palette / Matsumoro Toshiaki (inspired by "Macaron")
5. Strawberry Letter 23 / Satō Chikuzen (inspired by "Strawberry shortcake")
6. Refrain / Nakatsuka Takeshi (inspired by "es-chiffon")
7. HYPER 90'S CHOCOLATE BOYFRIEND / Nanba Shiho (inspired by "Tablette chocolat")
8. kimi to nara / Nakatsuka Takeshi (inspired by "Koyama cheese")
9. shūmatsu no Voyager / Mizuno Mari (paris match) (inspired by "Weekend citron")
10. Bon Bon au Chocolat / TOKU & SHANTI (inspired by "Bonbon chocolat")
11. La Dolce Vita / Nakatsuka Takeshi (inspired by "Koyama roll")

Tokuma Japan TKCA-74552
Out 9/27, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
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