Various Artists "Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute"

Here's a tribute album to Sakamoto Ryūichi, produced by Tobeta Bajune and featuring plenty of great electronic artists such as Atom, MimiCof, DJ Yogurt and more. A cover of "dennōgiwa" also features Ōnuki Taeko.

The album is released on Sakamoto's 60th birthday, and comes from the electric sheep label that released "YMO Rewake" last year.

Various Artists "Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute"
オムニバス 「坂本龍一トリビュート -Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute-」

(Title / Artist)
1. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence / Tobeta Bajune
2. War and Peace / yuanyuan
3. Riot in Lagos / Atom (Atom Heart)
4. Perticepation Mistique / Hanno Yoshihiro
5. bibō no aozora / Ngatari
6. Self Portrait / Fugenn & The White Elephants and Shintaro Aoki
7. Ballet Mecanique / MimiCof
8. 1919 / Sabi
9. saru to yuki to gomi no kodomo / antennasia
10. Thatness and Thereness / DJ Yogurt
11. Tibetan Dance / no.9
12. The Last Emperor / Sabi
13. The Other Side Of Love (feat. Cokiyu) / Tobeta Bajune
14. dennōgiwa (feat. Ōnuki Taeko) / Tobeta Bajune

electric sheep ELSP-0011
Out 1/17, ¥2667 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Sampler clip

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