Various Artists "Readymade Digs Classics"

Next collaboration between Disney and Readymade will be a compilation of classical music covers, featuring Konishi Yasuharu, Comoesta Yaegashi, Yoshida Tetsuto, Arai Toshiya (Kofta), Iwamura Manabu, Ino Hidefumi (Tenement), and DJ 440!
Don't worry, all of these haven't turned classical, this is a club-oriented breakbeats cover/remix album based on classical pieces.

Various Artists "Readymade Digs Classics"

Various Artists "Readymade Digs Classics"1. DJ 440's Classical Gas / remixed by DJ 440
2. Syncopated Typewriters Holiday ~ Leroy Anderson Medley (Anderson) / remixed by Konishi Yasuharu
3. Lascia ch'io pianga (from Rinald) (Handel) / Ino Hidefumi
4. Sabre Dance (Khatchaturian) ~ sabres of boss mix / remixed by Arai Toshiya
5. William Tell Overture (Rossini) ~ Fortaleza mix / remixed by Iwamura Manabu
6. Radetzky March (Strauss) ~ DJ524's top billin' mix / remixed by Konishi Yasuharu
7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart) ~ swingin' breakin' mozart mix / remixed by Arai Toshiya
8. Valse Op. 64-1 "Petit Chien" (Chopin) ~ Bossa dog mix / remixed by Comoesta Yaegashi
9. Pictures At An Exhibition (Mussorgsky) ~ Swinger Singers Unlimited Mix / remixed by Yoshida Tetsuto
10. Piano Sonata Op. 27-2 "Moonlight" (Beethoven) ~ I Want You mix / remixed by Iwamura Manabu
11. Fuga In G Minor Bwv 578 (Bach) ~ Let's Go! Bach mix / remixed by Comoesta Yaegashi
12. Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 op.23 (Tchaikovsky) ~ Columbo's Beautiful Human Life Mix / remixed by Yoshida Tetsuto

Avex AVCW-12455
Out 9/7, ¥2477 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, Amazon U.S.

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In theory they could have made an album of redone classical pieces used in various Disney cartoons. So did they actually say it's not Disney related?

Posted by ndkent on

You're right, it could well be related in that way, but the blurbs I read didn't even mention Disney. So now I removed it from mine too to avoid possible later contradiction. :)

Posted by Patrick on

Wierd...i had sort of predicted that leroy anderson konishi mix back in february: Actually, it was sort of my birthday wish.

Posted by Robin on

Impressive!! :) I wonder if he himself knew back then that he'd remix it.

Posted by Patrick on

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