Various Artists "Monchhichi Birthday Party"

Here's what looks like a fun compilation, put together for the 40th birthday of popular Japanese doll Monchhichi. Featured are cool girly indies tracks from the last few years, making it a good opportunity to catch up with the scene and find out more good new sounds. Love and Hates, frenesi, Un Amin, tofubeats, Avec Avec, Her Ghost Friend and more.

A related Monchhichi exhibition will be held at Sunday Issue in Shibuya from September 27 to 30, with a free party on Sept. 28 from 17:00 to 21:00 with DJs Twee Grrrls Club and DJ Monchhichi?! Details here.

Various Artists "Monchhichi Birthday Party"

(Artist / Title)
1. Mon Petit Monchhichi (Monchhichi original)
2. Un Amin / rekishi de DANCE
3. Her Ghost Friend / itsumo no Fantasia
4. frenesi / jōbutsu sasete yo
5. Avec Avec / Marmalade Boogie
6. LOVE AND HATES / Up For A Bit With TGC
7. Lily Glass Group / Sixpence Might Change Your Whole World
8. Old Lacy Bed / Coastlands
9. suiyōbi no Campanella / Marco Polo
10. Camera=mannenhitsu / nachan
11. Sebu Hiroko / 75002
12. tofubeats / No.1 feat.G.RINA

The Peak THPK-006
Out now (9/18), ¥1800 (excl. tax)
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Un Amin "rekishi de DANCE" (demo version)

frenesi "jōbutsu sasete yo"

suiyōbi no Campanella "Marco Polo"

Sebu Hiroko "75002"

tofubeats "No.1 feat. G.RINA"

Find out more about: Avec Avec, frenesi, Her Ghost Friend, Love and Hates, tofubeats, Un Amin

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