Various Artists "Miss Vocalies, Tokyo -with her Strikes Sextet-"

I had completely overlooked this new compilation put together by Sunaga Tatsuo, containing nothing but jazzy songs featuring Japan's best female vocalists. Included are two brand new songs, by Sunaga t̀ Experience and pianist Akiko Grace, and a bunch of other essential tracks by Nomiya Maki, Natsuki Mari, akiko and many more.

Various Artists "Miss Vocalies, Tokyo -with her Strikes Sextet-"

Various Artists "Miss Vocalies, Tokyo -and with her Strikes Sextet-"1. Natsuki Mari / ichiban suki na mono
2. hitomitoi / Wake Up!
3. Muramoto Reyna / It's you
4. Nomiya Maki / mori no koibitotachi
5. Asa festoon / Malaga no himawari
6. arvin homa aya / Just As We
7. Mannami Maki / Sound Of Dawn -Dedicated To Tadayuki Naito's Picture Blue Lotus-
8. akiko / Mood Swings
9. Matsuo Kazuko / anata to yoru to ongaku to
10. Sunaga t Experience feat. arvin homa aya / Nervous Track (Nervous Love)
11. Akiko Grace / Echo of pure mind

Gate GAGJ-0024
Out now (3/7), ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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What's that Maki song? Is it a new one or it has been released previoulsy?

Posted by Damian on

It's a song from her album "Dress Code" (2004), album produced by Sunaga-san.

Posted by Patrick on

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