Various Artists "Kyōhei Disco Night ~Tsutsumi Kyōhei Remix~"

It's been ages since we've got a remix album from the Readymade crew ("Readymade Digs Classics" two years ago?)! This time Konishi Yasuharu and friends have their take on hit songs by Japan's leading songwriter, Tsutsumi Kyōhei. This should be enjoyable by both the young club crowd and also those who heard the songs back in the day. The songs are selected and the whole supervised by Konishi-san. Of course, the song Tsutsumi-sensei wrote for Pizzicato Five is in!

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Various Artists "Kyōhei Disco Night ~Tsutsumi Kyōhei Remix~"
オムニバス 「京平ディスコナイト ~筒美京平リミックス~」

(Early title: "readymade digs kt")

Various Artists "Kyōhei Disco Night ~TSUTSUMI Kyōhei Remix~" オムニバス 「京平ディスコナイト ~筒美京平リミックス~」1. shōnentai / ABC (remixed by Konishi Yasuharu)
2. C-C-B / Romantic ga tomaranai (remixed by Konishi Yasuharu)
3. Sagawa Mitsuo / furansujin no yō ni (remixed by Shuriken Jet)
4. Hirayama Miki / manatsu no dekigoto (remixed by Halfby)
5. Hirota Mieko / nagisa no uwasa (remixed by Cubismo Grafico)
6. Ox / manatsu no Flamenco (remixed by Yoshida Tetsuto)
7. Ishida Ayumi / taiyō ga naiteiru (remixed by Missing Linc)
8. Kondō Masahiko / Sneaker buru-su (remixed and additional production by Konishi Yasuharu & Cycheouts Ghost)
9. Ozawa Kenji / tsuyoi kimochi - tsuyoi ai (remixed by Akakage)
10. Asano Yūko / Sexy Bus Stop (remixed by Groove Unchant)
11. Pizzicato Five / koi no Rule, atarashii Rule (La règle du jeu) (remixed by Suemitsu & The Suemith)
12. Sakai Masaaki / saraba koibito (remixed by Boot Beat)

columbia*readymade COCP-34575
Out 12/19 12/26, ¥2800
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower, Amazon U.S., YesAsia

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