Various Artists "Joke Collection 02" (12")

Gotta keep things quiet, but this is big... Someone is back into club music mode and brings us a brand new track under the new moniker The 5243's. Produced by 5243, programming by Yoshida Tetsuto. A must!

Not negligible are the other brilliant jazz breakbeat tracks by Joke party regulars Fujimoto Yō, Horibe Yūmin, Boot Beat, and newcomer (?) DJ SUaMA. All are sure to keep dancefloors moving.

Grab this one while you can!

Various Artists "Joke Collection 02"Various Artists "Joke Collection 02"

A1. the 5243's / itsumo Soft Rock no koto bakari kangaeteiru hito no tame ni.
A2. Fujimoto Yō / musical a.
A3. Yumin Horibe / Love
B1. Boot Beat / Swing 121
B2. DJ SUaMA / Ultra Fine

Beat Records BR-0002
Out 9/12, ¥1380 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

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