Various Artists "I Love Tokyo ~For Anime Music Lovers~"

Shibuya meets Akihabara in this concept anime song cover compilation. Featured are various producers, such as Tofubeats, Ram Rider, Takizawa Kentarō, Jazzin' park, etc., in collaboration with various female singers including Nomoto Karia, Julie Watai (JulieHally), BiS and more.

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Various Artists "I♥Tokyo ~For Anime Music Lovers~"

(Title / Artist)
1. sōsei no Aquarion (from Genesis of Aquarion) / Kentaro Takizawa X Julie Watai
2. Happy Material (from Negima! Magister Negi Magi) / Jazzin'park X ippanjin&AD
3. Romantic summer (from seto no hanayome) / Ram Rider X Nomoto Karia
4. tamashii no Refrain (from Evangelion: Death and Rebirth) / Jazzin'park X Fukuda Moe
5. truth (from Revolutionary Girl Utena) / TeddyLoid X Julie Watai
6. Over The Future (from zettai karen Children) / Kentaro Takizawa X BiS
7. Get along (from Slayers) / Tofubeats X Arisaka Mika
8. Little Goodbye (from Zegapain) / 2 ANIMEny DJ'S X chōcho
9. Fantasista Girl (from Animal Yokochō) / Tofubeats X Nomoto Karia
10. sorairo Days (from Gurren Lagann) / Star Guiter X Arisaka Mika
11. tenshi no yubikiri (from Kare Kano) / Kz X Yun*chi
12. zankoku na tenshi no Thesis (from Neon Genesis Evangelion) / Ram Rider X Afilia Saga East

Crown CRCP-40303
Out now (10/5), ¥2191 (excl. tax)
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Nomoto Karia still alive!!!!!! :)

Posted by Damian on

Yes!!! :)

Posted by Patrick on

معليش جي دري معايا تسوفيج

Posted by anis on

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