Various Artists "Groovy Sauce -Genovese-"

Qypthone's Nakatsuka Takeshi brings us a second Groovy Sauce compilation, again a collection of tracks from the popular "Groovy Sauce Collection" vinyl-only series. Out now!

Various Artists "Groovy Sauce -Genovese-"

Various Artists "Groovy Sauce -Genovese-"(Title / Artist)
1. Melody Fair -Shiho Fujisawa version- / Fujisawa Shiho
2. Journey in the Moon / NA-3LDK feat. Izumi (Qypthone)
3. One Note Samba / Nakatsuka Takeshi feat. Igarashi Harumi
4. Wonderful Life / Fujisawa Shiho
5. Joker / che sa mossa
6. nu age show / The Lowbrows
7. On The Palette -BM remix- / Nakatsuka Takeshi
8. I Tempt You / NA-3LDK
9. Je Danse / Fujisawa Shiho
10. Secret / The Lowbrows
11. "Q*Bert" / Qypthone
12. Magic Colors (exclusive mode) / Nakatsuka Takeshi

Victor VICL-62169
Out now (11/22), ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S., GROOVY SAUCE -Genovese-

See also: "Groovy Sauce -Arrabbiata-"

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