Various Artists "G.lasts Tribute To Godzilla 50th"

This year marks Godzilla's 50th anniversary, and also the 28th and last movie of the series (or so they say), Godzilla Final Wars, which will feature over 10 monsters and a lot of damage!

Accompanying the movie's release, there's also this new Godzilla covers and remixes album featuring Sunaga Tatsuo, Bank$ feat. Halcali, Stereolab, Felix da Housecat, LOW IQ 01, Sum 41, Zebrahead, Hoobastank, 10-Feet, and more.

Various Artists "G.lasts Tribute To Godzilla 50th"

Track list
Various Artists "G.lasts Tribute To Godzilla 50th"1. Sum 41 "We Are All To Blame"
2. Felix Da Housecat "Rudezilla Mix"
3. Zebrahead "Godzilla vs. Tokyo"
4. Stereolab "Godzilla Theme"
5. LOW IQ 01 "Godzilla"
6. 10-Feet "Be Nothing"
7. Bank$ feat. Halcali "Godzilla is coming to town!! ~Godzilla ga machi ni yattekuru~"
8. mold bond akiko "What's Wrong?"
9. Sunaga Tatsuo "Godzilla : Europian bliss"
10. Hoobastank "The Reason (Acoustic Version)"
11. Chemical Brothers "Rise Up"
12. Keith Emerson "Score from the Movie 'Godzilla Final Wars'"

Universal UICO-4006
Out 12/1, ¥2667 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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Not on the subject of the soundtrack but about the film -

Tomoe plays herself in a talk show scene in "Godzilla Final Wars".

I'd assume all the other people on the panel are real celebrities too. They've had other actors come back and play different parts in later movies and they've certainly had a bunch of people play the Mothra twins (I'm still waiting for UU to play them). This might be the first time someone played a second character part as themselves (though someone else in the talk show panel just might also be doing that)

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