Various Artists "Dancing After 1AM"

Indies rock compilation "Dancing After 1AM" album is from label Call And Response specializing in post-punk, new wave, often a bit on the noisy rock side, nevertheless a definitely pleasant listen for even my pop-oriented ears. Here are all new previously unreleased songs by 18 different bands, including Mir, She Talks Silence and Puffyshoes.

More about the release from its official announcement.

"Dancing After 1AM" is a new compilation album bringing together a range of the the finest exponents of contemporary Japanese postpunk and new wave.

From the frantic rhythmical assault of The Mornings, through the fragile, minimalist postpunk of Extruders and the 60s girl-group garage punk of Puffyshoes, to the heavy, psychedelic noise of Futtachi, the album covers a range of sounds, all linked by a restless, creative energy that captures the spirit of the classic art-rockers of the past while providing a wide ranging portrait of the state of the Japanese alternative scene in 2012.

Various Artists "Dancing After 1AM"

(Title / Artist)
2. Popcorn-batake ni kuroi kage - ANISAKIS
3. Collapsing New Buildings - Extruders
4. Saturday-Athletica - Slow-Marico
5. Shepherd - Kobayashi Dorori
6. Carnival - cynicalsmileisyourfavorite
8. Uneco - hyacca (one hundred mosquito)
9. Michael in Utero - macmanaman
10. Oh My God - Puffyshoes
11. Deacon Punk - JEBIOTTO
12. hanten - otori
13. Nature Blessings - New House
14. Abekobe - Hysteric Picnic
15. Long Ways - She Talks Silence
16. meguriai no oto - Futtachi
17. fuji - the mornings
18. Dance - MIR

Call And Response CAR-84
Out now (10/17), ¥1890
Order: Amazon, Tower (Japan only), CDJapan, HMV

She Talks Silence "Long Ways" (Studio session)

Find out more about: Mir, She Talks Silence

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