Various Artists "Contemode V.A.2"

A second compilation of club/interior pop is coming from Contemode, compiled by capsule's Nakata Yasutaka and promising sounds yet more groovy and fashionable than ever.

The album will feature capsule, Plus-Tech Squeeze Box, Kofta, Spaghetti Vabune!, Nagisa Cosmetic, dahlia, Hazel Nuts Chocolate, COPTER4016882 and more.

Various Artists "Contemode V.A.2"

Track list
Various Artists "Contemode V.A.2"1. interlude
2. capsule "tokyo smiling"
3. Plus-Tech Squeeze Box "kitchen shock"
4. Kofta "farewell"
5. Spaghetti Vabune! "favorite song (contemode bossa mix)"
6. Sindbad "A.W.O.L"
7. Nagisa Cosmetic "Cosmetic Happy"
8. Yoshida Tetsuto & Love Sounds "Kiefer Sutherland mitai na yatsu"
9. dahlia "mizuiro Gina"
10. ether22 "Skywaker"
11. Hazel Nuts Chocolate "Future*Popp"
12. COPTER4016882 "Polly's Flying Hat"
13. capsule "world fabrication" (bonus track)

Contemode/Yamaha YCCC-10001
Out 12/8, ¥2000 (excl. tax) (tax incl.)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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