Various Artists "Chanson à la mode inspired by Disney's The Aristocats"

The Disney madness isn't quite over yet. Next up is a concept album presenting a collection of songs inspired from The Aristocats.
The whole is produced by Dimitri From Paris and featuring a fantastic line-up including U.F.O. feat. Nomiya Maki, Sunaga t̀ Experience, Crue-L Grand Orchestra, Jazztronik, Clémentine, etc.

Official page at Disney Japan

Various Artists "Chanson à la mode inspired by Disney's The Aristocats"

Various Artists "Chanson à la mode inspired by Disney1. Very Stylish Cat (Narration: Françoise Morechand)
2. minna neko ni naritai no sa (Mizuki Ichirō & Eternal Kids)
3. Lolita Go Home (marlerose melodies)
4. Le coeur qui jazz (U.F.O feat. Nomiya Maki)
5. Cactus (DJ Jin (Rhymester))
6. La fête (Clémentine)
7. shari- no kuchiduke (Tom & Joyce)
8. Bolero (oshare Cat hensōkyoku) (Jazztronik)
9. Contact (DFP Super Robot Orchestra)
10. ra mo-ru (DJ Cam)
11. Idol o sagase (Little Big Bee feat. Mia)
12. Gymnopédie No.1 (Crue-L Grand Orchestra)
13. oshare Cat (Sunaga t̀ Experience)

Avex Trax AVCW-12410
Out 2/16, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
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I notice "Inspired By" - codeword for Disney not granting use of original music... but of course that opens an easy contribution, you know, probably anything French will do.

For some reason "Pussy Galore" comes to mind, that's a 1997 Pussyfoot compliation with Toshi Nakanishi involvement - "James Bond" inspired yet royalty free as it's all merely "inspired by"

Posted by ndkent on

Sounds like a good point. However Disney is supporting the release (it's the big headline on their site), and it contains at least a few covers from the Aristocats ("minna neko ni naritai no sa", "oshare Cat"). Maybe the Aristocats don't have enough of a repertoire to make up for a full album?

Posted by Patrick on

Listening to it now. Very little Aristocats, mostly your typical lineup of Gainsbourg/Polnareff/etc. covers. I had the Aristocats album as a kid so there are plenty covers out there to do.

Posted by ted on

Too bad. I don't know Aristocats too well myself. You're right that it isn't too Aristocats-themed though!
Nevertheless some good lounge...!

Posted by Patrick on

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