Various Artists "Bossa Nova 1991 Shibuya Scene Retrospective"

Well the title says it all, or almost! This 2-CD compilation of Shibuya-kei is selected by none other than Pizzicato Five's Konishi Yasuharu!
A surely difficult (let's hear the "where's this?" and "what's that?") but thoughtful selection and salute to fellow artists of the scene.
Package art direction by Shindō Mitsuo (C.T.P.P).

Various Artists "Bossa Nova 1991 Shibuya Scene Retrospective"
オムニバス 「ボサノヴァ1991シブヤ・シーン・レトロスペクティヴ」

Various Artists "Bossa Nova 1991 Shibuya Scene Retrospective" オムニバス 「ボサノヴァ1991シブヤ・シーン・レトロスペクティヴ」CD 1
1. Original Love / Body Fresher
2. Flipper's Guitar / koi to Machinegun
3. Watanabe Marina / dai suki na Shirt (1990 ryokō daisakusen)
4. Pizzicato Five / Twiggy Twiggy
5. Kahimi Karie / Mike Always' Diary
6. Love Tambourines / Love is Here ~Just Between You And I~
7. les 5-4-3-2-1 / Jazz ru kokoro
8. Pizzicato Five / waganawa Groovy (My name is Groovy)
9. les 5-4-3-2-1 / Bond Street
10. Kahimi Karie / Good Morning World
11. Kahimi Karie / Melody ni tsuite
12. Oh! Penelope / Let's Fly The Ad-Baloon
13. Tokyo's Coolest Combo / Bossa Nova No.9

CD 2
1. Sunny Day Service / baby blue
2. Fantastic Plastic Machine / L'aventure Fantastique
3. Necozawa Emi / No Love Song
4. Neil & Iraiza / 25140
5. Mansfield / Love so fine
6. Hi-Posi / Jenny wa gokigen naname
7. cubismo grafico / mississippi one
8. bice / an apple a day
9. Natsuki Mari / ii janai no shiawase naraba
10. Maezono Naoki / Floral Express
11. meg / Groove Tube
12. Ozawa Kenji / otona ni nareba
13. Smooth Ace / korekara ai ni yuku yo
14. Kaji Hideki / sasayaka dakedo yaku ni tatsu koto

columbia*readymade COCP-50966 COCP-34496
Out 6/20 ? 8/8, ¥3675
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Sounds really interesting!!! Let's see whta the track list is. Bands that should be included: Pizicato Five, Flipper's Guitar, Original Love... any other suggestions?

Posted by Damian on

Les 5-4-3-2-1! Especially since they were on Triad/Columbia there shouldn't be a reason not to include them. :)

Posted by Patrick on

But les 5-4-3-2-1 debut album ?un? was released on 1993... and this is supposed to be a 1991 compilation, isn't it?

Posted by Damian on

Hmm, that's right, but I don't know, I didn't feel that this compilation really focuses on 1991. I see the title more like "Bossa Nova 1991 - Shibuya Scene Compilation" than "Bossa Nova - 1991 Shibuya Scene Compilation". :)
Let's wait and see what the track list looks like..!

Posted by Patrick on

A lot of these are from 1993, 1994, 1995.

I think 1991 is when Konishi really considers the scene starting...Original Love started then...Cornelius was in Flipper's Guitar...Kahimi didn't put out her first e.p. until 1994 (but was in an earlier group on Fab Gear called Fancy Face Groovy Name in 1990)

I've never heard of some of these people outside seeing an ad in Marquee magazine. I'd love to hear this!

Posted by ted mills on

Definitely worth buying... in fact, I pre-ordered it from CDJapan and should arrive next week.

Posted by Damian on

The title recalls P5's album Bossa Nova 2001. Actually it has nothing to do with the year 1991, it's a metaphore to say it's postmodern bossa nova. In fact, lots of tracks on the playlist were release years after 1991 =)

Posted by Daniele on

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