Various Artists "Beautiful Techno"

Especially with Perfume taking over the charts lately, Japan is really in techno-pop mode right now! This compilation is a great opportunity to catch up, and will feature artists like Meg, Aira Mitsuki, immi, Q;indivi, and more. It will total 16 songs, 4 of which are previously unreleased.

This is a 2nd installment of the "Beautiful ..." compilation series. The first was "Beautiful House" Buy at released last November and featuring Fantastic Plastic Machine, Akakage, Jazztronik, sugiurumn and more Japanese club/house artists.

Audio samples at Tower Records

Various Artists "Beautiful Techno" オムニバスVarious Artists "Beautiful Techno"

1. Meg / amai zeitaku
2. Aira Mitsuki / China Discotica (Substance remix)
3. immi / Local Train
4. Sound Around / Stay Fine
5. m-flo loves Alex (Clazziquai Project) / Love Me After 12AM -Ram Rider Remix-
6. Saori@destiny / sayonara Revival
7. Sweet Vacation / The Gooies 'r' Good Enough
8. / My Treasure
9. Kaleido / Meu Sonho (yasutaka nakata capsule mix)
10. Shigeru Iwaya / you'll be all right (re:construct)
11. Nakatsuka Takeshi / Magic Colors
12. Ram Rider / Sun Lights Stars (yasutaka nakata 8FM mix)
13. Q;indivi / Just
14. Spangle call Lilli line / R.G.B.
15. The Sakura Telephone / Dreaming rabbit

For Life FLCF-04245
Out 7/16, ¥2191 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S.

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