Various Artists "Akakage presents... rosebullet"

A new mix CD from Akakage in collaboration with ladies' fashion brand Rosebullet will be released in March. Out on his own label Noboru.
Details to follow.

Various Artists "Akakage presents... rosebullet"

Various Artists "Akakage presents... rosebullet"1. G-Swing feat. Diamond Legs / Goin' Nuts
2. Slater Hogan & Chuck Daniels / Stay Tuned (Boomty Beatdown Mix)
3. Colette / About Us (Chuck Love Remix)
4. Ruffneck feat. Yavahn / Everybody Be Somebody (Mischa Daniels Salsa Trip Mix)
5. Hardsoul feat. Amma / Love Weigh You Down (Shik Stylko Remix)
6. Stalker Studio / Keep Me Warm
7. Physics feat. Alexandra Hamnede / Let It Out (Vincent Keok Remix)
8. Angel Anx / Love Strings (Dub Mix)
9. Kinbara Chieko / For Your Love (Kupper's Klassic Pump Vocal Mix)
10. Takizawa KentarĊ / Power Of Love feat. arvin homa aya
11. Nakatsuka Takeshi / Wish upon A Shooting Star (Akakage's Peaktime Piano Mix)
12. White Lotus Society / Got It (Chuck Love Remix)
13. Bitter:Sweet / Heaven (Nicola Conte's West Coast Vibes Version)

Noboru XQCB-1005
Out: 3/5, ¥2500
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower, YesAsia

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